“It may be that you detest something which is good for you; while perhaps you love something even though it is bad for you. God knows, while you do not know.”

(Koran 2:216)

Islam, in Arabic, means resignation (to the will of God); for that reason, the disciples of the prophet Muhammad are called Muslims; this means resigned.

The message of Islam is a universal message, it does not have a particular people or individual race as a destination. The idea of racism within Muslims is unacceptable; the valuation of a man is determined by his degree of piety and not by his ethnic group.

Briefly, Islam or submission to God is not a new religion but Muhammad is considered as the last of the spokesmen of the divine revelation, the "seal of the prophets", a successor in this aspect, of Moses and Jesus, so that for the Muslim believer, both Jews and Christians are people on the path to truth, although they do not know it completely.

The pillars of the religion are to profess the formula of faith, to pray, to fast, to give charity, to make a pilgrimage to Mecca and to contribute to the expansion of Islam.

From the social point of view, Islam mainly attempts to establish a community of believers endowed with complete inner peace (´umma).

In the last twenty years, the economic fanaticism exerted by some developed countries which are protected under an irrational and aggressive foreign policy has degenerated into a serious cultural confrontation on the "West - East" axis by the appearance of the religious fanaticism, this establishing itself as the principal opponent to these aggressions and which unwillingly converts itself into an enemy of Islam itself.

Without any clear signs of a solution, the situation can very well develop a confrontation of cultures on a world-wide level, where the divisions by blind hatred and ignorance impede a peaceful coexistence of all mankind.

With this ambitious project initially denominated "Universal Centre of Islam", the companies Amusement Logic and Arquitectura Tecno-Temática propose a place submerged in complete nature, a space of delight and shared spiritual devotion, and above all, a place for meeting with the human cause, for both Muslims and non-Muslims. In short, a window open to Islam, a drawing near to the wealth of the Arabic culture and to its knowledge.